Stella B. Grundström

Regionchef Hus Stockholm, Skanska

Stella will lead a “Hero Talk” titled “Climate Transition, the existential issue of our time, why isn’t progress faster?”

Climate transition is one of the greatest challenges of our era. That’s why Skanska set its climate goals for carbon neutrality as early as 2015. We discuss what is required for society and the industry to accelerate the climate transition, the innovative products and areas that Skanska is driving, and the steps that have been taken since the climate goals were set.

In this Talk, you will gain knowledge on how the industry needs to collaborate and how this can be applied in practice. We have clear objectives that we monitor, but why isn’t progress faster?

We share how Skanska drives development and inspires how we can work in the short and long term to drive climate transition.

This is for you who want to learn more about how we can drive change together with the climate at the top of the agenda, who are curious about the innovative developments in the construction industry, and how the work has looked up to today.

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