The world is changing, and the future is constantly developing. We see entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs within engineering driving real change around the world. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs act in the same way, with the same qualities but within different arenas.

With this award, we want to highlight all engineers who act as good examples for current and future generations. We believe that by strengthening people’s entrepreneurial skills and unlocking the power of people’s inner drive great things will happen!


Are you the one we are looking for?
This award will be given to a person who leads the way, dares to challenge and think outside the box. You as an engineer act as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur with qualities of a pioneer, explorer, changemaker, doer, creator and problem solver.

You could be junior or senior, within any position and work within any industry. You have showed the right drive by starting your own business or developing an idea within an existing company. The idea has turned into action, with concrete business results for your company with positive impact on both the industry and society.


Base criteria:


Nominations closed on April 30, 2024


The Jury for The 2024 Grand Prize for Engineering in Entrepreneurship consists of the following

Patrik Kägu

Innovation Advisor,

Lisa Ericsson

Head of KTH Innovation,

Linda Fragner

Innovation Lead,


Kristina Bexelius

Head of Communications,
Linti Group

Nominations are closed!

Thank you for all the amazing nominations!


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