The world is rapidly changing, and large parts of our society are still undergoing some form of digital transformation. Digital technology plays a crucial role in every organization, and those that have not kept up with the journey will find it difficult to defend their place in the market. To succeed in a digitalization project, the entire organization must understand the value and be prepared for the change. This means that leading a digitalization journey is a tough challenge that requires broad expertise and clear, strong leadership.


The winner of this year’s Grand Prize for Engineering in the Leadership category, with a focus on “Digitalization Leadership,” is a person who has led their team or organization from point A to point B. The individual is aware that the digitalization journey is closely linked to the people affected by it and therefore ensures that people are comfortable working with technology and that the technology works for them. Through their leadership, the winner has ensured that the business has smoothly transformed and adapted to today’s digital reality while demonstrating efficiency and scalability.


Base criteria:


Nominations closed on April 30, 2024

Hall of Fame

2023 – presented by Fellowmind

Olof Johansson, Trafikverket

Motivation by the jury: Through their innovative work, this year’s winner is driving forward digitalisation in an area that affects us all. They invite conversations and collaborations, constantly working to demystify and increase understanding of the digital transformation. Internally, they are a well-liked leader, motivating their team with enthusiasm to work towards common goals. However, they win this year’s award for their leadership externally – they are an inspirational role-model advocating for their cause beyond their own organization, thus rallying many more. Through their leadership, this year’s winner has contributed to successful digitalisation efforts, both within their own organization and in society at large. Their contributions to shaping the future of our transportation system impact us all.

2022 – Presented by Försvarsmakten

Marie Brattberg, Recorded Future

(prize excepted by Simon Brattström)

Motivation by the jury:
Through empathetic leadership, individuals and teams can achieve more than they themselves expected. Good leadership creates a sense of security and enables group members to feel good and grow. The Swedish Armed Forces’ values are based on openness, results, and responsibility – something that characterizes this year’s winner’s leadership. 

In her role as Chief Strategy Officer at the cybersecurity company Recorded Future, she leads the company’s nearly 900 employees towards becoming the best version of themselves while achieving their strategic goals globally. She is a strong leader who inspires her employees to follow her, while being a humble and unpretentious person who is always willing to listen.

2021 – presented by Solita

Karin Hagren, King

Motivation by the jury:
The recipient of the award exercises a leadership that shows the way and possibilities and is exploratory and searching instead of dictating and controlling. The winner is a curious leader with extensive experience of working in an international context. 

She is both structured and pragmatic at the same time that she is a culture bearer of rank. The winner has created an environment for active learning and shows great openness to change. She leads geographically dispersed people and teams, benefits from her engineering background on a daily basis and has a focus on the agile way of working.


The Jury for the 2024 Grand Prize for Engineering in Leadership consists of the following

Sandra Udin

Head of Delivery,

Per Wallentin

Helene Högberg

Kristina Bexelius

Head of Communications,
Linti Group


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