Tony Persson

Head of Battery Production, Scania

Tony will be your expert in the Masterclass “Electrified heavy transports – Another step towards zero tail pipe emissions.”

In this Masterclass, we will talk about Electrification as an enabler for smarter, safer and more sustainable transports. Discover the challenges, opportunities, and latest innovations in this fast-growing field, including insights from us working with this on daily basis.

At Scania, we are dedicated to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system. For us, electrified solutions are one essential part for the future of transports. It is a technology shift that is key to reach our science-based targets. Today, we can already see a fair amount of hybrid or fully electric buses in our cities, transporting people and electric
trucks transporting goods for both short and long distances.

In fact, electrification is happening so fast that we estimate that 10% of our vehicle sales will be electric by 2025 – and a staggering 50% by the end of this decade.

If you are curious about the transformation to electrified transports of people and goods, don’t miss this!

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