The world is changing rapidly, driven by global forces such as globalization, urbanization, and digitalization. One important key to ensuring that development goes in the right direction is humans. Engineers are at the forefront of new technologies, work methods, and approaches in this development, and sources of motivation are necessary to inspire people to find their drive.

We believe that role models are an important source of motivation and self-confidence, which can help others understand the opportunities that exist in life and society.

By awarding the Role Model of the Year prize, we want to recognize all the engineers who want to lead the way, challenge, and set a good example for current and future generations.


What is a role model? Role models are more than the sum of their actions. They radiate something extra, leave a lasting impression, stand out from the crowd, and inspire others to grow.

The award will therefore go to a person who paves the way for the engineering profession through their curiosity, willingness to challenge the status quo, ability to think outside the box, inspire, and motivate others in current and future generations. This can be a person who is visible and vocal in many contexts or someone who operates in the background.

As an engineer, you can be a junior or senior, in any position or role, and work in any area or industry. You have identified an area, small or large, and demonstrated initiative with visible results that have a positive impact on society or your own business.

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Previous winner

Grand Prize of Engineering – Role Model of the Year 2022 – awarded by Scania
WinnersMadeleine Schönemann and Sofia Larsson with their podcast Developers!

The Jury’s motivation:

At Scania, we believe that role models are an important source of motivation and self-confidence. Through the Great Engineer Award Engineer of the Year, we want to highlight all the engineers who lead the way, challenge and act as good examples for current and future generations. We are proud to award the prize to two passionate individuals who inspire by sharing their personalities and everyday life, showing that engineering is human and achievable for everyone. They strengthen the confidence of those who have chosen this path and help to increase the interest in a niche that generally struggles to reach women. Thanks to the podcast format, their inspiration also has the potential to have an exponential impact. By awarding them the prize, we hope that they will become role models for even more people.

The 2022 jury:
Paula Björnstjerna – Nordenchef, Linkedin
Marie Ideström – Grundare, Womengineer
Therese Reinhammar – Director Autonomous Solutions Delivery, Scania


The Jury for 2023 will be announced shortly.

Paula Björnstjerna Årets Förebild

Paula Björnstjerna

Nordenchef, LinkedIn

Marie Ideström

Grundare, Womengineer

Kristina Bexelius Årets Förebild

Kristina Bexelius

Kommunikationsansvarig, Linti Group

Therese Reinhammar Årets Förebild

Therese Reinhammar

Director Autonomous Solutions Delivery, Scania

Nominations will open soon


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